Executive Leaders Internet Television Series

Executive Leaders Television Spotlights

Our passion is recognizing the leaders in our communities not just through our #1 business weekly radio show in the Mid-Atlantic states that's broadcasted nationally on over 125 terrestrial and internet radio stations, but also through spotlighting our Executive Profiles of Excellence. And now, through our newest venture "Executive Leaders Internet Television Series," which gives even more credence, builds exposure and offers additional recognition to CEO's, leaders and corporate executives.

Welcome to our newest collection of hand-selected executives that make a difference in their communities everyday. How they got to where they are?  What motivates them? Where you can find them today?

Learn more about the rapid evolution of video production and internet television  that drives our Executive Leaders Profile Series online.


Watch Our ELiTV Spotlights Below:

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I had a great time. Herb said “ I knocked it out of the park”. He also asked if...
I would come back some time to finish…which I would love too. Thanks Again.


Adam Brown
President, Home Helpers Placement Services

I greatly enjoyed my visit with you and your associates. The broadcast was an unforgettable experience and
I was delighted to, meet so many interesting new friends.


Frank Nissel
Chairman, Welex Inc.

It was a very enjoyable experience, and I really appreciate the invitation. I met some nice and interesting people that may lead to follow-up opportunities. I look forward to hearing the broadcast.


Jamie Freedman
MD, PhD, Pres/CEO, Locus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Please let the team know that it was a privilege and honor to be a guest on Executive Leaders Radio. It was a very reflective time and helped me to see how my own life’s journey has helped mold and prepare me for what I would not have ordinarily been equipped


Patricia Hill
CEO, Bay State Computers, Inc.