About the Show


Thanks for the follow up, the show was great fun, not at all what I expected!! Herb is a maestro, and really made it flow. A great experience, well organized, and much more fun than anyone ever imagined. Not to mention the great people I met there, who I hope will become friends.


Gary Marshall
SunGard Availability Services

I think it went well. Herb is a pro! The team made me feel very comfortable. Thank you VERY much for this tremendous oppty!!


Ken Diamond
President & CEO, Win The View

The show was fun and easy to do.


Wayne Smolda
CEI Founder & Chairman

I had a most enjoyable experience that I will remember with fondness and pleasure. Herb is a gracious and accommodating host who made the event flow as if it was an everyday experience for me. I listened to the show this morning and enjoyed hearing myself on the radio being interviewed by Herb and his Guest Host, it is one of those events that a makes a person smile with pride.


Rich Julason
Director US Facilities, Macrovision

‎"Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this radio show. I wholeheartedly believe everything happens for a reason, and it seems to me, meeting you all has already made my world a better place. I wasn't so sure about how this all would go, but after listening to you all, and the other guests, I get it.. we all have a story, and we all connect to pieces of eachother.. if only all people could feel connected, find the similarities, the common bonds, and value of that connectivity.. maybe the hate would fade, strangers could smile, and this world could start to heal! ‎"

Kelly L. Green
Executive Director
Help Hope Live