Video Highlights From Past Shows

“I had an amazing afternoon yesterday thanks to you all! What a wonderful experience to listen to other leader’s life story in person (and 3 from Chile/Argentina…!) and to have the ability to share mine. Thank you so much for making me feel so welcomed and for giving me this invaluable opportunity to be interviewed for the radio by The Executive Leaders Radio!”
-- Francisca Villarroel Alonso, Co-founder / CEO

“Several months ago I was a guest on the Executive Leaders Radio. I was interviewed for about 10 minutes and the interview played on several radio stations. The interview has helped drive the Navigate brand into the Philadelphia marketplace.”
-- Robert F. Kathol, Jr., Managing Partner, Navigate

“You know, Jeff, I've done a lot of interviews. Every one of them has been "oh good, you're here on time, get into the studio, we're on in 90 seconds... go!" This wasn't like any other interview I've done. This was sane and sensible, thoughtful and, well, a complete pleasure. Your approach, your handling of the guests, the ways that you and Herb pursued personal lines of questioning, all of it was first class and very, very refreshing. Yes, I will think about others who might appear as guests in the future. And certainly, I look forward to spending time with you and Herb for a longer conversation.”
-- Howard Blumenthal, CEO, MINDTV Media Independence

“Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. It was a fascinating and inspiring experience. Meeting such a committed group of professionals who care deeply about the human side of leadership was fascinating. I love that the mission of the program is to provide positive business stories told by the people who live them. Please convey my appreciation to all involved.”
-- Margaret Broad, Head of School, St. Margaret's School

“I had a great time yesterday, thank you. I do a lot of radio and TV interviews and I must say, your format is the best I have ever seen – from the green room discussion, to how you are looking to dig deeper than just the business stuff, to the "exit" questions back in the green room…all great! I am anxious to come back, as I think there is a lot more to my story (especially the Iron Andy Foundation) that your audience could benefit from. Also, I did not have a chance to speak with your colleague about my interest in speaking to the local universities. I would LOVE that, and any other speaking opportunity you could find.”
-- Andy Holder, National Spokesperson for Good Neighbor Pharmacy and Iron Andy Foundation

“Thank you for the opportunity. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”
-- Bob Rosania, CEO, Ehmke Manufacturing Company, Inc.

“It was my pleasure to be interviewed on the Executive Leaders Radio Show. I enjoyed meeting everyone and it was very interesting to hear everyone's stories.”
-- Denise L. Devine, CEO & President, Nutripharm, Inc.

“I had a great time. Herb said “ I knocked it out of the park”. He also asked if I would come back some time to finish…which I would love too. Thanks Again,”
– Adam Brown, President, Home Helpers Placement Services

“We had a great time, and would be happy to come back anytime. Given that we plan to grow pretty rapidly in 09, I'm sure we will have some good stories even before a year goes by. Thank you very much for including us.”
-- Powell W. Arms, Co-Founder, Brave Spirits

"I had a most enjoyable experience that I will remember with fondness and pleasure. Herb is a gracious and accommodating host who made the event flow as if it was an everyday experience for me. I listened to the show this morning and enjoyed hearing myself on the radio being interviewed by Herb and his Guest Host, it is one of those events that a makes a person smile with pride."
-- Rich Julason, Director US Facilities, Macrovision

“The show was fun and easy to do.”
-- Wayne Smolda, CEI Founder & Chairman
"I think it went well. Herb is a pro! The team made me feel very comfortable.  Thank you VERY much for this tremendous oppty!!"
-- Ken Diamond, President & CEO, Win The View

"Thanks for the follow up, the show was great fun, not at all what I expected!! Herb is a maestro, and really made it flow.  A great experience, well organized, and much more fun than anyone ever imagined. Not to mention the great people I met there, who I hope will become friends."
-- Gary Marshall, SunGard Availability Services

“I had to drop you this quick email before the end of the business day to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share the Lisner-Louise-Dickson-Hurt Home and our mission of service to seniors in need with the greater community of listeners of Executive Leaders Radio. I left the studio on a “total high” and cannot begin to express how remarkable I found the experience. Meeting so many outstanding community leaders was, in and of itself, a truly enlightening and educational opportunity. Their stories brought home to me the fact that we are all, in some way, wed to a mission that drives us each and every day. The actual interview process was both moving and thought provoking. Pete and Mike, the interviewers, made me feel totally at ease and were able to encourage me to dig a bit deeper into myself to answer some truly outstanding questions. As I shared with my team upon my return to the office, it was somewhat like sitting in the back yard having a beer with two neighbors. Conversation flowed freely and they took me to places where most folks, as CEOs, never go. In essence, they really did get to the humanity that is within each of us. They achieved their goals of informality while helping to dispel the thought that all CEOs are somehow the children of the devil….”
--L. Ward Orem, MA, LNHA, CEO, Lisner-Louise-Dickson-Hurt Home

“Thanks for the kind words and for having me as a guest on Executive Leaders Radio. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and, as a result, got to meet some like-minded business and thought leaders in our community. For me, that was personally very rewarding. I wish you all the best in continuing to build a great brand. The business community is lucky to have Executive Leaders Radio as an exciting touch point for learning and continued growth.”
--Lee Jundanian, Chairman and Founder, Access Funding “

First off, THANK YOU for contacting me for the opening on Executive Leaders Radio. I have had the opportunity to do a few speaking events but nothing with this kind of format. It was by far the most fun I have had on an interview and the most refreshing angle you all take. Dana is just amazing and the whole crew today were all folks I would love to go have drinks with and chat more. If you ever need a last min fill-in, a panel guest or anything I would love the opportunity to be back on that show. I truly love the format and concept of the show (and now a subscriber to the podcasts!) Is there any place to mail a thank you note to Dana? She is such a great person to have doing the interviews and really appreciated how easy and fun she was to work with. Thank you again and I hope to get the opportunity to be a part of Executive Leaders Radio again in the future!”
--Ryan Fochler, Owner, Dog Paws n Cat Claws Pet Care