Greater Philadelphia Leaders
November 02, 2012
Sylvia McKinney - Executive Director, NFTE Philadelphia
J. Brian O`Neill - Chairman & CEO, O'Neill Properties Group
Dr. Walter Lomax - Chairman, The Lomax Companies
John Mullins - President, Sun & Earth Inc
Executive Leaders DC
November 01, 2012
Babak Hafezi - CEO, Hafezi Capital
Frank Jannuzi - Head of DC Office, Amnesty International
Sylvia Montgomery - Sr. Partner, Hinge Marketing
Hilary Fordwich - Senior VP, AOCKey Solutions, Inc.
Executive Leaders PA
October 26, 2012
John Ehinger - CEO, Cardioready
Harvey Rovinsky - President & Owner, Bernie Robbins
Kip Anthony - President & CEO, EFE

Spotlight Guests:
Mike Krupit - CEO, Trajectify & IntroNet
Greater Philadelphia Leaders
October 26, 2012
Doug Pelletier - Founder & CEO, Trifecta
Kevin Robins - CEO, Midatlantic Employers' Association
Gene Rockower - President & CEO,
Eric Kretschman - President, Wexford Property Management
Executive Leaders DC
October 25, 2012
Bryan Laird - President, MBL Technologies
Solomon Thompson, Jr. - Founder & CEO, Blue Collar Objects, LLC
Laura Brunner - President, MainStream Management; Positive Changes Hypnosis
Ken Falke - Co-founder, Shoulder2Shoulder, Inc.
Buchanan Special Edition
October 24, 2012
Tracy Andrle - Managing Member, Public Contracting Institute
Jeanette Derby - President and Founder, Legal E Employment Partners
John W. Rogers Jr. - Chairman, CEO & Chief Investment Officer, Ariel Investments
Dr. Ajaz Hussain - CSO and President, Wockhardt USA
Executive Leaders PA
October 19, 2012
Mary Meder - President, Harmelin Media
Rick Skidmore - President & CEO, Timberlane Shutters
Angela Nadeau - President & CEO, CompuData
Richard Rodelli - President & CEO, Thermo Electric

Spotlight Guests:
Cordella Hill - Executive Director, Covenant House Pennsylvania
Will Harley - Principal, Sandler
Greater Philadelphia Leaders
October 19, 2012
T. Charles Pierson - CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America
Cate Weaver - Principal Owner, CSG Global
Kef Kasdin - CEO, Proterro
Susan Rabinovitch - President, Canus Corp
Executive Leaders DC
October 18, 2012
Steve Seiden - Owner & President, Acquired Data Solutions, Inc.
Julia Stephens - Executive Director, CrisisLink
Sundeep Sanghavi - Chairman & CEO, DataRPM, Corporation
Mehrdad Negahban - CTO, BeamSmart, Inc.
Executive Leaders PA
October 12, 2012
Scott Rosen - President, The Rosen Group
Ed Brownley, Jr. - President/Operations Manager, PAC Strapping Products, Inc
Jennifer Johnson - President/Operations Manager, PAC Strapping Products, Inc
David Bezar - CEO, Vantage Point Bank
Ronald Drucker - Shareholder Emeritus , Special Consultant & Chairman, Drucker & Scaccetti
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