Executive Leaders PA
November 16, 2012
John Moore - CEO, Acorn Energy
Bill Tubb - President, Sysco Philadelphia, LLC
David Feinberg - Executive Vice President Head of Health Plans, WellNet Health
Gary Bennett - Regional Vice President, Right Management
Anthony J. Mitchell - Partner, Brinker Simpson & Co., LLC

Spotlight Guests:
Bill Donahue - Editor, Philadelphia Life Magazine
Greater Philadelphia Leaders
November 16, 2012
S. A. Ibrahim - CEO, Radian Group Inc.
Don Phillips - CEO & Managing Partner, Vox Medica
Lynne Coughlin Samson - Executive Director & CEO, helpHOPElive
Patty Smail - President, Shelter Structures
Executive Leaders DC
November 15, 2012
Jim Kershaw - Owner & President, Aegis Technologies, Inc.
Bryan Gernert - CEO, Resonate
Sabret Flocos - Managing Principal of VA office, Fox Archtitects
Joshua Konowe - Co-Founder & CEO, Uppidy, Inc.

Spotlight Guests:
Pat Chance - Director of Business Dev. Eastern Region, CompuData
Executive Leaders PA
November 09, 2012
Dr. John Bennett - President & CEO, Devon International Group
Cari Kraft - President & CEO, Jacobs Management Group, Inc.
Greg DeCinque - Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Crystal Technologies Group

Spotlight Guests:
Keith Baldwin - Owner, Spikes Trophies
Lisa Peskin - partner, Business Development University
Greater Philadelphia Leaders
November 09, 2012
Douglas Schoenberg - CEO, Softerware
Patrick McCann - Chairman, CEO & President, Weston Solutions
Mark Cipparone - President, Rocco's Collision
Andrew Eisenstein - Managing Director, Iron Stone Strategic Capital Partners
Executive Leaders DC
November 08, 2012
Matthew Dean - President & CEO, Markon Solutions
Ethan Assal - CEO and President, Verasolve
Haresh Bhungalia - Co-Founder, LegalDiscovery LLC
Scott Wiater - President, Standard Solar
Bart Snell - COO & CFO, Confiance
Executive Leaders PA
November 02, 2012
Dave VanHorn - President, Partners for Payment Relief
Al Rinaldi - Chairman & CEO, Jacobs Music Company
Tom Caramanico - CEO, McCormick Taylor
Robert Kathol, Jr. - Founder & CEO, naviGATE

Spotlight Guests:
Randi Rubin - Associate, Klehr Harrison Harvey Branzburg
Greater Philadelphia Leaders
November 02, 2012
Sylvia McKinney - Executive Director, NFTE Philadelphia
J. Brian O`Neill - Chairman & CEO, O'Neill Properties Group
Dr. Walter Lomax - Chairman, The Lomax Companies
John Mullins - President, Sun & Earth Inc
Executive Leaders DC
November 01, 2012
Babak Hafezi - CEO, Hafezi Capital
Frank Jannuzi - Head of DC Office, Amnesty International
Sylvia Montgomery - Sr. Partner, Hinge Marketing
Hilary Fordwich - Senior VP, AOCKey Solutions, Inc.
Executive Leaders PA
October 26, 2012
John Ehinger - CEO, Cardioready
Harvey Rovinsky - President & Owner, Bernie Robbins
Kip Anthony - President & CEO, EFE

Spotlight Guests:
Mike Krupit - CEO, Trajectify & IntroNet
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