Executive Leaders DC
July 06, 2017
Michael Geary - CEO, Society Marketing Professional Services
Jeff Cheng - CEO, Guru Consulting and Boost Labs
Christianne Ricchi - Owner, Ristorante I Ricchi
Ali Allage - CEO/Partner, Boost Labs and Guru Consulting

Spotlight Guests:
Julie Schumacher - President, Sasse Agency
Fred Ostovar - Managing Director, NOVA Advertising
Executive Leaders PA
June 30, 2017
Dr. Wan Shih - Founder, Lenima Field Diagnostics
Jeremiah White - co-Founder & President, iPraxis
Shalabh Jain - Chairman, CEO & Founder, Hyalo Technologies
Iyad Obeid - Founding Partner, Biosignal Analytics

Spotlight Guests:
Bechara Jaoudeh - co-Founder, Philly Marketing Labs
Executive Leaders DC
June 29, 2017
Maribel Torres - CEO, Lumix CPAs
Julie Howar - CEO, Rehab At Work
Kathy Dimeo - President, KAI Research
Gwenn Rosener - Partner/co-Founder, FlexProfessionals, LLC

Spotlight Guests:
Tanya Leyderman - Managing Director, Client Services, BlueTreeDigital
Doug Whitescarver - Client CFO, Lumix CPAs
Polsinelli Law Special Edition
June 28, 2017
Ashley Mills - CEO, The Vision Council
Denise Godfrey - Senior  Corporate Counsel, Splunk
Taryn Fielder - SVP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Washington REIT
Dani Barnard - Chief Recruiting Officer, Polsinelli
Executive Leaders PA
June 23, 2017
Chris Annas - CEO, Meridian Bank
Todd Leff - President & CEO, Hand and Stone Franchise Corporation
Dan Lammot - President & Founding Partner, roundCorner
Steve Gillin - President, Relay Network

Spotlight Guests:
Mike Andrus - SVP, Consulting, J.F. Smith & Associates
Joyce Russell - The Helen and William O`Toole Dean , Villanova School of Business
Ashley Owens - Account Manager, Liberty Fox Technologies
Executive Leaders DC
June 22, 2017
Elliott Ferguson - President & CEO, Destination D.C.
Burt Kahn - Principal, Managing Director, Joseph Greenwald & Laake
Rafie Ansari - Principal and President, Floormax

Spotlight Guests:
Amanda Jennison - Director of Marketing, Bates Creative
Dan Minahan - Senior Consultant, The Clearing
Executive Leaders PA
June 16, 2017
Dr. Maria Gallo - President, Delaware Valley University
Jean Harper - Partner, workplace environments
Sherri Krensel - Partner, workplace environments
Ernest Hanna - Principal, GZA
Michael T. van der Veen - Founder,  Law Offices of Michael T. van der Veen

Spotlight Guests:
Brian Lee - Partner, Navigate
David Hitt - Founder & President, Splat Inc
Executive Leaders DC
June 15, 2017
Michael Tinsley - President & CEO, Neo Systems Corporation
Cari Cho - Executive Director, Cornerstone montgomery
Smitty Bradstock - President, Veteran Design & Construction
Eiman Bassam - Founder, ESB Advertising

Spotlight Guests:
Sherry Kannar - HR Director, Grossberg Company
Executive Leaders PA
June 09, 2017
Vince Sobocinski - President, Homestead Strategic Holdings
Suzanne Daugherty - SVP, CFO & Treasurer, PJM Interconnection
Roy Fazio - Partner & EVP, Protocall Group
Jay Goldstein - Chairman & CEO, Spring Garden Lending Group

Spotlight Guests:
Karl Myers - Partner, Stradley Ronon
Executive Leaders DC
June 08, 2017
Zvi Band - CEO, Contactually
Kyle Gilster - Managing Partner, DC Office, Husch Blackwell
Krisjan Berzins - President & CEO, Kingstowne Lawn & Landscape
Carla Balakgie - President & CEO, NAMA

Spotlight Guests:
Chrys Sbily - CEO, CSA Studio
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