Executive Leaders DC
August 13, 2015
Scott Ross - President, ROSS Management Services
Stephanie Eberhart - Co-Founder/Managing Partner, Talent Remedy
Ric Edelman - President/Co-CEO, Edelman Financial Services, LLC
Farzad Mostashari, MD - co-Founder & CEO, Aledade
August 11, 2015
Dirk Jungé - Chairman/CEO , Pitcairn
Bill Edmonds - President, B&G Manufacturing
Liz Granahan - President, Focus Forward & Panel Direct
Felicite Moorman - CEO, Bulogics & StratIS
Executive Leaders PA
August 07, 2015
Dr. Greg Weisenstein - President, West Chester University
Jay Deppeler - President & CEO, Edison Court
Marc Maser - Shareholder, McCausland, Keen & Buckman
Robert Bieber - President & CEO, NSCI Group
Executive Leaders DC
August 06, 2015
Roger Platt - Pres., US Green Building Council
Millard Bennett - Principal Managing Partner, Stein Sperling
Andy Powell - Managing Partner, Halt, Buzas & Powell Ltd.
Nick McCarter - CEO, Chartis Consulting

Spotlight Guests:
Mary Gotschall - Founder, Athena Group
Gallagher Benefits Onsite
August 05, 2015
Linda Diekmann - President & CEO, Prizm
Joseph Devine - President & CEO, Kennedy Health System
Peter Miller - EVP & CFO, Binswanger
Executive Leaders PA
July 31, 2015
Andrew Reaume - President & CEO, Melior Discoveries
Rick Skidmore - President & CEO, Timberlane Shutters
Mike Vogel - CEO, Turning Points for Children
Emily Foote Williams - co-Founder, President & Chief Customer Officer, ApprenNet
Executive Leaders DC
July 30, 2015
Allan McArtor - CEO/Pres., Airbus
Sam Spiritos - Managing Partner, Shulman Rogers
Bradley Lytle - Managing Partner, Oblon
George Jones - CEO, Bread for the City

Spotlight Guests:
Jamie Natelson - President, Direct Marketing Association of Washingon
Executive Leaders PA
July 24, 2015
Wayne Walker - Managing Partner, Walker Nell Partners
Osagie Imasogie - Executive Chairman & CEO, Iroko Pharmaceuticals
Richard Pine - President & CEO, Livengrin Foundation
Joel Davne - Founder & CEO, Cloudnexa
Executive Leaders DC
July 23, 2015
Brian Callahan - President and CEO, Segue Technologies
Linda Chandler - CEO, Linden Resources
Steven Greer - CEO, Sonco
Derek Goldstein - Principal & Founder, Casaplex
July 21, 2015
Jeff Morgan - Principal(s), Environetics
Joelle Vega - CEO, Accutome, Inc.
James Crispino - Pres., Francis Cauffman
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