Executive Leaders PA
February 12, 2016
John Wright - Principal, Johnson,Kendall and Johnson
Ravi Shankar - CEO and Founder, Fourth Technologies, Inc.
Kevin Kissley - President & CEO, Eastern National
Wanda Mial - Executive Director, ACHIEVEability
Executive Leaders DC
February 11, 2016
Jim Irving - Managing Partner, Bean, Kinney and Korman
Mary-Claire Burick - President, Rosslyn Business Improvement District
John M. Prescott - Managing Partner, Johnson Lambert LLP
Conor White - President, Americas, Daon
Executive Leaders PA
February 05, 2016
Robert Palaima - President, Delaware River Stevedores, Inc.
Patricia Hasson - President, Clarifi
Andy McKinley - President, WhyPayMore Dental
Christine Simiriglia - President & CEO, Pathways to Housing PA
Executive Leaders DC
February 04, 2016
Michael Tinsley - President & CEO, Neo Systems Corporation
Tom Frana - President & CEO, ViON Corporation
Thomas Coolidge - Founder & CEO, Nexus Systems
Loretta DeLuca - CEO, DelCor
February 03, 2016
Charles Bernier - President, ECBM
Joe McLaughlin Jr. - CEO, Haverford Trust
Jim Hennessey - Managing Partner, Dilworth Paxson
Chris Keith - President, Lockton Companies
Harris Devor - Partner, Friedman LLP

Spotlight Guests:
Andy Wiest - Director, AC Lordi
Dana Rosen - Business Development Officer, Bancorp
Executive Leaders PA
January 29, 2016
Larry Dubinski - President and CEO, The Franklin Institute
John Bonow - CEO, PFM Group
Shelly Storbeck - Managing Partner, Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates
Keith Leaphart - Founder;CEO, Wallsome; Replica Creative

Spotlight Guests:
Larry Starr - Director, Strategic Leadership Doctorate, And Executive Education, Research And Consulting, Philadelphia University
Executive Leaders DC
January 28, 2016
Paul Weller - President, AgriWashington
John Graham - President & CEO, ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership
Kevin DeSanto - Co Founder - Managing Partner, KippsDeSanto
Optifour Special Onsite
January 27, 2016
Laura Van Eperen - CEO, Van Eperen & Company
David Stillman - Co Founder/CEO, Vorsight
Marc Zeid - Partner, Capital Search Group
Larry Johnson - Chairman/CEO, Veris Consulting
Elizabeth Shea - President & CEO, SpeakerBox Communications
Executive Leaders PA
January 22, 2016
Joan Waters - CEO, COFCO
John Fry - President , Drexel University
Brian Pryor - CEO, LiteCure
John Grady - President, PIDC
Executive Leaders DC
January 21, 2016
Rupert Scofield - President & CEO, FINCA International
Joe Statter - President, Evergreen Advisors Capital
Jeff Shellberg - Lead Partner, Interstate Moving and Storage
Anil Kasibhatla - Managing Partner, Param Solutions
Srikanth Kurkal - Managing Partner, Param Solutions

Spotlight Guests:
Roy Hinton - Associate Dean, Executive Education, George Mason University
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