Executive Leaders PA
March 17, 2017
Ginger Zielinskie - President, Benefits Data Trust
Mike Quinn - CEO/President, American Revolution Center
Robert Keyes - Vice President/General Manager, Enterprise Holdings
Rocco Guerriero - CEO, Contour Data Solutions
Executive Leaders DC
March 16, 2017
David Petr - President & CEO, Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation
Alison Banziger - Managing Partner, xScion Solutions
Mark Merrill - President & CEO, Old Dominion National Bank
Jim Butz - CEO, Southport Services Group
Executive Leaders PA
March 10, 2017
Rob Cola - Principal & Partner, Doyle Alliance Group
Jim Cawley - President and CEO, United Way of Greater Philadelphia & Southern New Jersey
Kathy Crothall - President & CEO, Aspire Bariatrics
Anthony Frick - President & CEO, GlobalFit

Spotlight Guests:
Kathy Fitzpatrick - Sr. Bus Dev, Emerson Group Inc.
Meredith Harrington - SVP of Marketing, GlobalFit
Executive Leaders DC
March 09, 2017
Rick Spees - Office Managing Partner, Akerman LLP
Jamie Fowler - Managing Partner, Atlantic Coast, Grant Thornton
Sundar Vaidyanathan - co-Founder & CEO, Karsun Solutions
Rick Del Sontro - CEO, Zippy Shell
Executive Leaders PA
March 03, 2017
Joe Brooks - President & CEO, USO of Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey
Joe Royal - President, H.M. Royal
Dr. Christopher Fiorentino - President, West Chester University
Derek Lundsten - CEO, Scrimmage

Spotlight Guests:
William Myers - Founding Partner, Myers Lafferty
Ken Beasley - Director of Marketing and Business Strategy , Push10
XML Financial Group Special Edition
March 02, 2017
Andy Powell - Managing Partner, Halt, Buzas & Powell Ltd.
Bob Corlett - President, Staffing Advisors
Remmie Butchko - CEO, Georgetown Insurance
James W. Hawkins - Managing Director, Focus Investment Banking LLC

Spotlight Guests:
Rob Kantor - Managing Partner & Co-Founder, XML Financial Group
Executive Leaders DC
March 02, 2017
Marc Isaacson - CEO; Partner, Village Green Apothecary; IQYOU
Carey Smith - President, Federal Business Unit (essentially the DC area regional pres), Parsons Corporation
Jorge Adeler - Owner & Designer, Adeler Jewelers
Anthony Rivera - CEO, Aretec

Spotlight Guests:
Marc Isaacson - CEO; Partner, Village Green Apothecary; IQYOU
Executive Leaders PA
February 24, 2017
Robert Kane, Jr. - Market President, KeyBank
William Sasso - Chairman, Stradley Ronan
Michael Marrone - President, Liguori Academy
Glenn Bergman - Executive Director, Executive Director

Spotlight Guests:
Lauren Stuart - EVP & owner, Tycor
Executive Leaders DC
February 23, 2017
Eric Dean - CEO, Whereoware
Hank Levine - President & CEO, iPlace USA
Andrew Gerstel - CEO, Windows Catering Company
Tara Carcillo - President & CEO, The Clearing

Spotlight Guests:
Teya Tuccio-Flick - Partner, Whereoware
Marissa Bagasra - Associate Attorney, Smolen Plevy
Polsinelli Law Special Edition
February 22, 2017
Mickey Williams - Executive Vice President Enterprise Executive Board, CapRelo
Anne Lynam Goddard - President & CEO, ChildFund International
Barry Morris - President/CEO, CapRelo
Carolyn Parent - President & CEO, LiveSafe
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